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The Console Learning Management System

The CPL Online Console is an intuitive learning management system (LMS) for all of your team. It is designed to be the central hub of activity for the complete range of your training, engagement and development tools and assets. Tailored to suit the structure and needs of your company, whether this be by hierarchy levels, brands, sites, job roles etc, it provides an innovative digital workspace. Users can access relevant learning content and software applications that educate, engage and empower them, plus it can be adapted to reflect the branding of your business.

Benefits to your business

  • Integrates a variety of engagement, learning and communication tools to help fulfil the development strategies of your organisation
  • Gives your team all of the services that they may require in one interactive area
  • Includes standard range of features - Courses, Messages, Stats, Bookshelf, News and Certificates
  • Premium features can be incorporated such as Course Creator, Surveys, Events, Appraisals, Career Pathway, Analytics, Quiz Box and Authorisations providing a single access point for users
  • Option to tailor the structure, access and view depending on company needs
  • App interface is available to increase engagement and communication
  • Quick access to tracking and reporting appropriate to roles and responsibility
  • Can be adapted to reflect your company brand guidelines
  • Includes scope for bespoke features and functionality to be built

Standard Features

As standard our Console contains core features that support business learning, development and engagement. These include Courses, Messages, Stats, Bookshelf, News and Certificates. In addition, we offer a variety of other products and services with additional functionality that can be added on and accessed via the Console.

CPL Online e-learning courses are accessible as standard. Courses you have created via the custom course creator tool and bespoke courses are visible in the Console as a premium feature.

Allows users to communicate with one another. Messages also has notification functionality built in depending on use of our other products.

Provides individuals with an instant view of their online learning progress. Managers can review team performance, comparing training history, progress and outcomes from e-learning courses.

Upload resources to provide team members with access to the most current content. Assign to specific job roles and set permissions to ensure confidentiality.

A secure internal social media solution. Allows any team member to start a conversation by posting and leaving comments and likes.

Allows users to download their course certificates with just a click of a button. Managers can also access team members certificates when required.

Premium Features

Our Console can also provide an access point to the range of premium features we offer. This complements the standard features already available. The result is that all the tools your business requires to train, engage and develop your teams are available to use and view in one place. You have the opportunity to add one or more of the following to the Console to suit your needs.  

The Course Creator enables you to create and customise your own e-learning courses, tailored to your business

Surveys help you improve communication and engagement by encouraging team feedback

Appraisals empower your team with clear direction, feedback exchange and recognition

Career Pathway helps motivate and retain your teams with clear, achievable routes to progression

Events boost team engagement, share knowledge and increase connection and interest

Quiz Box increases engagement, skills and awareness with an interactive digital quiz game on the App

Analytics track, monitor and analyse progress, engagement and learning

Authorisations manage and monitor team tasks to meet deadlines and track performance

Available on the App

Our Console is also available as an App that provides users direct access to their personal learning and development content. The App can be branded to your business and all activity completed on the App is fully synchronised with the web version of the Console.

Available from the App Store and Google Play.

CPL Online App on Mobile Phone

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