Career Pathway

Motivate and retain your teams with clear, achievable routes to progression

Benefits to your business

  • Creates clear career pathways and development strategies
  • Sets targets and monitors progress, keeping teams motivated
  • Tailors content, reading materials etc. to specific job roles
  • Removes career ceilings, encouraging ambitions to advance
  • Helps retain talented members of the team
  • Option to build bespoke features and functionality to meet your business needs

The career pathway is a tool for engaging, developing and retaining members of your team. The pathway aids career progression and allows team members to demonstrate excellence in their existing role. It maps out the personal development route your teams follow, with inspiring visuals and clear categorisation.

You control how your team members learn, upskill and advance within your company. This increases motivation and drives team members to pursue future ambitions.

The career pathway will link to other products you have implemented such as appraisals, courses, events, surveys, the bookshelf and authorisations, with activity being fed back into groups and folders you have set up on the pathway.

Career pathway is available to add to the Console LMS and App.


Defined Groups
Structured Folders
Tailored Content
Progress Reports

The career pathway is designed to reflect the language, style and branding of your company. You decide what the user journey looks like to engage your teams. A flexible grouping and folder structure means you determine exactly what each employee in the business will see, helping you control career progression. 

A team member starts the journey on their career pathway based on the group(s) they are allocated to. A group could be based on job role for example, e.g. Team Member, Assistant Manager, Deputy Manager. The group will contain all the resources and content pertinent to their role within logical folders. 

Content within each folder will prompt actions and once these have been completed the folder will be stamped on the pathway as complete. This offers clear visibility of company expectations and the opportunities available to progress.
Reporting on career pathways is available with the visualisation reporting tool. This allows you to identify key trends and, therefore, make corrective and informed decisions to improve your employee compliance and career development.

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