Bespoke Courses

Courses designed for your specific business need by our experienced e-learning experts

Benefits to your business

  • We offer fully tailored and branded courses, developed with close collaboration with you on scoping, design, content and implementation
  • Our expert advice, from an educational and design standpoint will help maximise engagement levels and achieve learning requirements
  • All relevant training documents and resources can be incorporated within your targeted courses, assisting the learning process
  • Gamification and interactive learning unique and relevant to your company and teams can be included in courses to increase engagement and interest in the subject matter

Bespoke e-learning courses can be developed with and for your business covering the areas identified at the scoping stage of course development. Typical content includes company inductions, internal policies, brand and job-specific details and anything else that is relevant to your organisation. The choice is entirely yours.

Work with our expert designers and developers and bring your ideas to life. In addition, benefit from our content creation specialists to help you define and deliver the right information and messaging to maximise team engagement and learning goals.


E-Learning Expertise
Design & Animation
Course Builders
Ongoing Support

Bespoke digital courses can be created to fully reflect your business in look, tone, content etc. and are designed with your training and engagement objectives always in mind. Content is specific to your organisation, therefore keeping it relevant to your learners. The learning journey is tailored to your Learning & Development programme and the assessment strategy is aligned to meet your business needs. 

Courses are developed in accordance with your brand guidelines. Imagery, videos, animation, case studies and format, such as modular or short courses for example, can all be used as tactics to keep your team engaged. This will facilitate a more effective learning experiences and also help with learner retention of information. 

For every bespoke course we build, we follow the same tried and tested method of scoping the project with you at the onset. Our e-learning experts and creative team will then put forward our proposals on the recommended approach, including the design style, how content should be generated and the use of existing and new assets for the course. Once this is signed-off we will build your course and assist with how you implement it to help you reach your learning objectives.


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