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Leaders in providing innovative digital learning and team engagement tools

What we do

At CPL Online we provide digital learning and team engagement tools for food and drink focused businesses across retail, manufacturing and hospitality. Serving over a million users across our innovative e-learning and integrated business systems, we support the development, engagement and retention of talented, valued employees for our clients and are committed to using our knowledge and expertise to ensure the long-term success of the companies we work with.

We deliver e-learning courses and create complete learning management systems, such as our Console LMS which is designed to be easily configurable and intuitive.

Beyond our digital learning solutions, personal development is enhanced with our online engagement tools such as appraisals, surveys, events, social learning, messaging, career pathways and live quizzes. We have the flexibility to supply these tools as standard products and, if required, client branded versions or fully bespoke systems.


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Our mission & values

Our mission is to connect and inspire people with learning and development software. We do this by harnessing Big Data analytics to enable customers to achieve greater efficiency and realise their potential.

Our products help businesses to develop, grow and achieve more. One of the reasons why customers come to us is that we make development quicker and more manageable. We want users to learn something new every time. This could be about their specific business patterns or by doing e-learning courses. We constantly want to educate.


Our products are very much orientated to the team members of our clients and, as such, we want them to connect with the businesses they work for. We want users to be interested in using our products, to create a better, meaningful experience at their companies. We want to engage them.


We are committed to educating and engaging individuals, teams and companies but we do not want to stop here. We know we can make a bigger impact via our constantly evolving range of products and services. As a company, we therefore strive to enhance opportunities for individuals and clients to grow. We want to empower.

Big Data

Delivered through our web portal or branded App, all our tools are intuitive and easy to use. Activity is measured and tracked through our Big Data platform, powered by HPCC systems. This ensures powerful reporting capability and controls are available to help manage training and development programmes.

This breadth and scale of data alongside our parent business CGA, plus an increasing number of industry partners, creates exciting opportunities to unlock insight and create dynamic training schedules for team members.

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